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Fire Sliding Doors

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For Industry and Chill Rooms with 60 minutes fire rating

DAN-doors sliding fire doors are BS60 certified according to DS 1052-2. Referring to this DAN-doors fire sliding door is provided with double seam in stainless steel. DAN-doors fire doors are tested according to report no. F6933 and F7008, which shows that DAN-doors fire doors can withstand 60-minute fire test according to BS476 Part 22.1987 (DS 1052.2). DAN-doors fire sliding doors can be delivered as 1- and 2-leaf in different surfaces and as manual and automatic fire sliding doors.

  • Thickness: 65 mm.
  • Dimensions: Made to measure, but max. W 4800 x H 3600 mm.
  • Insulation: Non-organic material with excellent insulation properties.
  • Door leaf: Plastisol-coated galvanized steel or stainless steel in polished, circle polished or rigidised finish. Easy to clean and food safe, meets the strictest hygiene standards.
  • Frame: 1,0 mm stainless steel with installation holes and matching plastic caps. The frame is insulated with non-organic insulation.
  • Sliding rail: Stainless steel – AISI 304.
  • Rollers: The rollers are made of stainless steel –AISI 304. The roller bracket, stud bolt, washer and nuts are made of stainless steel – AISI 304.
  • Handles: Stainless steel DAN-doors bow handle outside and stainless steel bowl shaped handle inside, which makes the sliding door easy to operate.
  • Gasket: Flame retardant rubber with Intumex foaming fire paste list (expands when heated).
  • Bottom guide: Bottom guide rail and bottom guides are made of stainless steel – AISI 304. The bottom guide fittings are made of stainless steel – AISI 304 – for fastening directly on the floor.
  • Closing: Wire barrel with wire traction. The door blade is slowed by an eddy-current brake – brake mounted on roller.
  • Fusible link or magnetic hold: A fusible link for 70° C or alternatively a magnetic hold consisting of a magnet and an anchor plate for ABDL connection.
  • Additional equipment: Can be delivered with tooth belt automation, sliding rail protection in same material as door blade, padlock fittings with or without emergency opening device made of stainless steel AISI 304, eddy-current brake, ABDL central consisting of 2 nos. smoke detectors and 1 no. control unit incl. power supply, emergency hatch W 600 x 1000 mm or emergency door W 800 x H 1800 mm and kick plates in height 300 or 800 mm.