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Hinged Fire Doors EI2 60

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DAN-doors’ hinged fire doors are tested according to EN 1634-1 and classified according to EN 13501-1 and EN 16034-1. According to this standard, DAN-doors’ hinged fire doors are able to withstand a 60-minutes fire test. For cold storage, the door is equipped with a sealing strip as standard to seal the door in the event of fire. For industry, the EI2 60 door does not include a sealing strip. DAN-doors’ hinged fire doors are available in different finishes with either 1- or 2-leaf doors.

  • Door thickness: 62 mm.
  • Measurements: Produced to order, but max. W 1200 x H 2200 mm for 1-leaf fire doors and max. W 2100 x H 2200 mm for 2-leaf fire doors.
  • Insulation material: Inorganic material with good insulation capabilities.
  • Door leaf: lastisol-covered, galvanized or stainless steel in a ground, circle polished or patterned finish. Easy to clean and high level of hygiene.
  • Door frame: 1,0 mm stainless steel with mounting holes and matching plugs. The frame is insulated with inorganic material.
  • Sealing strips: For cold storage, the sealing strips are made of silicone rubber which has been adapted to comply with fire regulations and approved for the food industry. Sealing strips can be replaced without the use of tools.
  • Hinges: Stainless steel or painted with bronze bushings.
  • Handles: Handles incl. escutcheons or rosettes in stainless steel with bronze bearings. Lock case with corrosion-resistant column supplied prepared for cylinder. Escutcheons or rosettes for lock cylinder.
  • Door closer: Strong door closer finished to match each door. Two door closers and synchronous brackets on 2-leaf doors.
  • Fire sealing strip: Expanding fire sealing strip.
  • 2-leaf doors: Supplied with stainless latch lock on inactive door leaf. Supplied with synchronous brackets to close inactive door first and additional door closer on inactive door leaf.
  • Optional extras: Doorstep in stainless steel, drip cap for external doors, cylinder lock and kick plates with a height of 300 or 800 mm respectively.
  • Fire glass: The doors are supplied with fire glass measuring W 400 x H 800 mm for 1-leaf doors and W 300 x H 800 mm for 2-leaf doors.
  • Application: The doors can be used both internally and externally in modern buildings.