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Roller conveyors

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We offer a wide range of pallet conveyors for the automation of Your warehousing. Our 40 years of experience in the conveyor industry lets us offer established standard solutions, as well as individual projects at the customer's request. We invite you to acquaint yourself with our detailed offer:

Roller conveyor for pallet transportation is designed to transport pallets in a horizontal plane when arranged longitudinally. The load is being transported on rotating rollers with an electric drive.

Roller conveyor for pallets is built on modularity and can include the following elements in the line:

- Turning conveyor module (turntable) is designed to change the trajectory of pallets in the horizontal plane. The turntable can turn the load at an angle of 90 ° and 180 °. To transfer products on the turntable, either a roller or a chain conveyor can be installed. Through the turntables it is possible to optimize the way of the finished product, especially when a small area is available.

- Cross conveyor module is designed for transporting pallets horizontally, when arranged both longitudinally and transversely. It is supposed to be used when crossing the roller and chain conveyors conjunction.

- Elevator is designed for transporting pallets vertically in automatic mode between different goods storage levels. The elevator is interconnected with the zones of the horizontal conveyor on the goods storage levels.

- Scale station module is designed to control the pallet weight and can be included in ERP system of the factory.

- Pallet wrapper is designed for wrapping pallets with finished products with stretch film for further transportation. The use of pallet wrapper at the warehouse or production significantly speeds up the process of packaging ready pallets for shipment, likewise due to pre-packaged pallets warehousemen can quickly and safely effect the unloading of the pallets with finished products.

- Ramp is designed for feeding pallets on the conveyor without any loading equipment, for example, just with the help of a manual pallet jack.

We offer pallet conveyors with rollers of different diameters, of different widths, and of different pitch to meet the requirements for conveying capacity and load. Building a developed conveyor system from a combination of roller conveyors, chain conveyors, and elevators is possible.

The use of conveyors for pallets can significantly reduce the number of loaders used in the warehouse. Their use is especially effective with large volumes of pallet shipment.


Types of the pallets used 1200x800x150 and 1200x1000x150
Lenght 1495mm (modification up to 4000mm is possible)
Rollers separation 206,5 mm
Load 1500 kg/m
Capability 10 m/min
Minimum height of the conveyor - 330 mm (with bottom arrangement of the electric engine
- 150 mm (with the side mount electric engine)
Electric engine power 0,55 kW
Operating voltage 3 x 400 V 50 Hz
Coating Galvanization or powder-coated paint
The ambient temperature for the conveyor maintenance -30°C up to + 40°C