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DANspeed Thermo Doors

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DAN-doors Thermo Doors is a cheaper alternative to DANspeed Roller Doors. The Thermo Door is an energy-saving solution and is available for both chill and freezer rooms, for securing less heat and cold loss. DAN-doors Thermo Door improves the working environment as its carefully thought-out design reduces problems in the form of draughts, dust and noise. The door can be fitted on the warm and cold side of the wall. Our doors meet the demands in “Foodstuffs Hygiene Directive 93/43/EEC”.

  • Dimensions: Made by measure, but max. W 3500 x H 3500 mm.
  • Door leaf:2 designs available. One model consists of 2 nos. 0.5 mm polyester canvasses, Blue RAL 5017 or Grey RAL 7040, which overlap each other 100 % to secure density and to avoid cold-conductors. The other design consists of 2 nos. 0.5 mm polyester canvasses, Blue RAL 5017 or Grey RAL 7040 operating as curtains without overlap.
  • Speed: The model with 100 % overlap is as standard supplied with an opening speed of 1.0 m/sec. and a closing speed of 0.3 m/sec. Without overlap the opening speed is 1.5 m/ sec. and the closing speed is 0.3 m/sec.
  • Side and top screening: 0.5 mm polyester canvas in Blue RAL 5017 or Grey RAL 7040.
  • Control of door blade: Canvas is fitted on a slide valve which is conducted in the track of the anodized aluminium sliding rails.
  • Heating arrangement: The freezer model is supplied with heating cable in top console.
  • Electrical Automation: Supplied with professional door automatic that includes possibilities of positioning as well as speed control through frequency transformer. Control panel 1 x 230 V, max 10A.
  • Operating equipment:Push bottom panels, pull cord switches, radar, photo cell system, induction loops, emergency equipment and switch for other manual door as additional equipment.
  • Additional choice: Vision panel – only available in chill model.