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Tunnel freezers

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Tunnel Freezer, or Pallet Freezer, is designed for quick freeze of the pallets. The tunnel freezer can be both with automatic feeding and unloading pallets and made in a semi-automatic design, when loading and unloading is carried out manually. In both versions, the feeding of the pallets inward the freezer is carried out by a chain conveyor installed on the floor of the freezer. When fully automatic, the pallets move from other production areas by means of roller or chain conveyors, further the system analyzes to which tunnel freezer it is necessary to send a pallet. Elevators are used for lifting and lowering pallets from the upper levels of the tunnel freezer. Opening the doors to the freezer is automated - when the pallets arrive to the needed tunnel, the door automatically opens, by means of roller and chain conveyors the pallet moves to the tunnel and the door closes. The products are placed on shelves and are being frozen with a stream of cold air with a temperature of -25 ° C ... -40 ° C. When the freezing time is over, the pallets are transferred to the frozen products warehouse.